Saturday, December 22, 2012

High Octane at Geoffs

Last Sunday we had a bit of a get together at Geoffs place. The menu consisted of sausage, High Octane and a few brews.

I took a few photos of the day on my phone... forgot the charge the camera battery... clever cookie huh...

 High Octane DVD's and snacks. There are some iconic kiwi cars in these DVD's. Some of them are timeless and still 'cool' by todays standards and some of them probably wouldn't fly with most car enthusiasts today. Cyber bodykitted Preludes? hmmmm... questionable
 Geoff deals some really big tins..... (of garlic bread)
 Dan manning the BBQ and teaching the lads how meat should be cooked
 Our wonderful host Geoff and special friend, Josh.
 A WOMAN AT A BWARP MEET, I GANT BELEAF IT. And what would a Bwarp meet be without one of our favourite friendly skinheads, Craig. 
 Of course some pics of cars parked in le driveway. Mainly hondas too. wtf right.

An excellent weekend. Big thanks to Geoff for having the boys around. And big up to Dan for being such a fine chef on the BBQ.

mad cnts all round!


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