Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dessert at Dennys #3 or #4 or some shit - i forget

So we had another Dessert at Dennys meet. a few new peeps got invited out, so the ones who got out of their cars to say hi, it was appreciated, more names to faces!

I also managed to lock my keys in the car... fuckin' virgin. Lucky Iain came to the rescue with his AA card and set me free.

Close mates, many desserts, coffee and heaps of loose banter.

Here's some shit pics. High ISO, Low focus, many blurs. Mean.

Here's Joff's family packer. What an excellent steed.

The odyssey

Evo and friends

Mitsubishi lancer Evo 4

Jono's EG Civic getting checked out by some crazy cats. Impul wheels look so tough Jono, A+.

EG Civic

Dieter's EK9. so lush


GTF0 with new rally-spec exhaust. Pop and crackle.

ST205 Celica



Jamie's grocery getter.

tough corolla



Jasper's ute is camouflaged into the night. mmm dat grainy high ISO shot lol


hah, gay


Blake's sick wee Alto. so MINT!


Trusty steeds:

Skyline + Integra

Charlies CL1 waiting patiently for it's new wheels. Hint hint Charlie ;)

Charlies CL1 Accord

Some random anon's. A keen eye will note the elusive man that reveleaed himself at this meet.

some anon creeps

WRX screams function. fuck yeah

Subaru Impreza WRX

Iain's infamous slut EG civic.

EG Civic

Dan's trusty AK. Wish Corey's hadn't popped a radiator on the way to the meet!

AK Shuttle

The wee rocket ship that has newly been acquired by one of the gang. Owner seen in foreground. He would prefer to remain faceless. batman.

City Turbo

Till next time boys and girls.

sick meet. heaps of catching up.

Roll on summer chur!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Random Snap: Sean's Honda City Turbo

I've always had a thing for small cars. Honda City Turbos are probably one of the cars that sparked my interest in tiny shit cars.

Sean has just picked up this example. With fairly low KM's it had recently been sold as estate as the previous owners had died after owning it for like 8593894 years and never hitting boost... The wastegate actuator was stuck... :-/ derp derp.

Here's a quick snap i took after it under went a Craig Hume special wash and wax. As usual, the results are superb.

Honda City Turbo

There's bound to be more pictures of this rice rocket popping up on the blog and the facebook page.