Sunday, September 30, 2012

Time out

Been taking a bit of time out recently to play with my own car.

Thought I'd maybe post up a bit of a progress photo taken today to show how far it's come since day one.

It started its life in my possession as a worn out 235,000km old Eunos Roadster.

Looked a bit like this:

and it starts

It has since had some Cusco adjustable suspension installed. some Racetech seats. its been through a few different sets of wheels, and it's come down to this:

Eunos Roadster

Eunos Roadster

It's sitting on some Tri-spoke Advan SA3R's that my good friend Dan hooked me up with. They seem a nice period correct 90's wheel, and will be the road wheels for the car.

Now i'm just waiting to get a rollbar/cage welded in and we'll be able to get it on the track finally.

If you are experienced in building roll bars/half cages in MX5's/Roadsters then gimme a bell, i'm interested in discussing options.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spotted: KE70 Wagon on the Hutt Motorway

The Hutt motorway is becoming a bit of a hot spot for finding sweet cars out cruising on any night of the week. It's not often i'm a passenger in the car, but considering we were out in JD's AE70, i jumped at the chance to point my camera at a sweet beater that we rolled up next to. This is probably the only salvageable photo of the lot.... haha. I rushed to take the camera out and didnt adjust the settings before i shot.... max fail.

KE70 Toyota Wagon

If you know the owner, send them the link, will you?

Snapped the pic and we convoyed back into town in a mini XE7X cruise.

Game on.