Tuesday, August 21, 2012

CJC Wellington Meet 17/08/2012 - With Special guests from R's Garage


Early last week I get a text from my good friend, Gung, asking if the R's Garage crew are keen for some burgers on Friday night. Any excuse for a hoon out to Wendys to fill my face with deliciously disgusting meat, cheese and fries. So the obvious answer was 'HELL YEAH'

We stacked the Cube up with the usual suspects and headed on out to Wendy's.

After devouring the majority of the menu, we jumped back on the motorway and headed back to ptown for some quiet banter and some time to take pics of the cars.

Here's the few photos I took. The rest of the time I was too busy bantering and watching JD try and find his way out of the carpark.... nice one JDriz.

Line upppp

Max Meet Pic

Craig's GT-Four - a proper front on shot now.

ST205 Toyota Celica GT-FOUR

Jono's tidy as Civic. This guy has a different set of wheels for every day of the week, I swear.

EG6 Honda Civic

Here's the DC5 I posted a photo of earlier in the week. So tidy. Advan wheels look excellent on it too. Mint tidy road car. Love it

DC5 Integra Type R

Gung's Honda Civic FD2R. With another set of wheels. I haven't seen this car on wheels that don't suit it yet. Gung has impeccable taste in vehicles!

Honda Civic FD2R

Doing what they do.

EK Honda Civic's

Mean as meet.

Caught up with some old faces, and met and bantered with some new characters.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A bit of a rant

Have you ever posted a picture of your car on a forum or on Facebook and had the first 5 comments being 'needs more this' 'needs more that' 'N33Dz mOaR LoW'?

I'm sure I've been guilty in the past of saying 'needs more'. But from this day forward I shall refrain. 

Does every EG Civic need orange indicators and the same 'Mugen style' front lip?
Does every MX5/Miata need moar low and some 15x8 +0 offset BBS copies?
Does every Celica GT-Four need a giant riser block rear spoiler?
Does every Skyline need Drift-teks and some 'aDjUstIez'?

Nah - I don't think they do.

Craig's Toyota Celica GT-FOUR

The GCDC decided it was a great day to head over to the Wairarapa on Saturday just been. Sun was shining.
We took the girlfriends car, which was a perfect opportunity for me to hang out the window and take pictures of Craig's GTF0.

The only two that actually came out any good are the ones posted below. Shooting with a zoom lens from a moving car is tough work it seems.

Craig's Toyota Celica GT-FOUR

Craig's Toyota Celica GT-FOUR

Hi-Res - HERE

Monday, August 13, 2012

Superlap 2012 - Round 1 - More cars

Here's some other pics that I took that've been floating round my desktop waiting to be posted.

May as well get em up.

If are the owner of the car and you want the hi-res versions of any of these pics, let me know, and i'll send one your way.

Honda Civic Coupe

Audi RS4

Mitsubishi Evo Station Wagon

Toyota Starlet

Subaru Impreza WRX

Subaru Impreza WRX

Subaru Impreza WRX

Open wheeler

Honda EG Civic

HFT Mitsubishi Evo

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Very Tough AE86

This car made me a little bit moist when it came out of the pits on Saturday at Manfeild.

So much want all in one spot.

Drivers PB of 1:17.9 round Manfeild means it's pretty damn quick!

Toyota AE86 Race car

Toyota AE86 Race car

Toyota AE86 Race car

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Spotlight: Kerri Mareeba and PERFK at Superlap 2012, Round 1

JD and I turned up in Feilding to go to Palmerston North Swap Meet 2012. Part way through wandering the main hall, I flipped open my phone to check Facebook as JD was hunting through a box of old shit.
A new photo had been uploaded by Kerri.
The photo showed a wing mirror snapped off some car... The colour of the car was gliterry pink....
Oh NOES - PERF has been in a smash.
We promptly left the show hall and made our way to the pit garage. (via a quick pitstop for lunch at KFC... we hungry)

Luckily nobody had been hurt, and PERFK was still running. Bit of broken glass here and there and some dents in the door and guard. Jamie managed to bash out a bunch of the dents with his superior panelbeating skills (which he only discovered he had on the day).

Luckily Kerri wasn't thrown off by this at all, and jumped straight back on the horse that bucked her off.

And managed to smash her own PB and laid out a 1:20.5. AWH SHIT YEH.

Here's some pics of the damage, and some other random shots of the day.

Kerri and PERFK

Kerri and PERFK

Kerri and PERFK

Pink race tape? SUP!

Kerri and PERFK

Kerri and PERFK

Kerri and PERFK

Lucky charms

Kerri and PERFK

Kerri and PERFK

Kerri and PERFK

The waterboy races to give Kerri her helmet.

Kerri and PERFK

Kerri and PERFK

Hand signs and rotary drivers go together like bread and sausage. Mad Mike has obviously given her some coaching on best hand signal techniques.

Kerri and PERFK

Chasing Dan Currie out of the pits

Kerri and PERFK

I live for this shit.

More pics from Superlap R1 to come.