Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bimmersport Auckland Meet

Friday night I was out until 2.30am having a drink or two with a workmate so when 6.30am rolled around and a team of asian builders decided to start work on the section beside my place....many swear words were sworn !!!

I was then resigned to the fact that 4 hours sleep was all I was getting that night.

Check my phone and there is a txt from my good friend Christian who recently purchased an e46 m3 BMW.

"still keen to do lunch today? either that or theres a bimmersport meet on at Cornwall park we could go to"

I had clean forgotten about lunch with him but either option sounded better than going ice skating with a girlfriend.....So Bimmersport meet it is !!

Now I'll be blunt, I'm a hater of all cars european....I respect them for various aspects but who would ever want to work on one ?? yuk.... But any exuse for a bit of sausage we made our way to Cornwell park.

Was a bit quiet to begin with but more cars turned up and everyone was friendly and happy so was a sweet vibe.





a camry?


3 Series estate - nom!

(this e30 estate is my favourite nom nom nom, choice doggie too - Luke)

Sausages and banter were had and there was some bloody clean cars there, my particular favourite being the e30 coupe pictured below..... very clean, sweet fitment and ride height.

3 Series Coupe

The scrape marks on this 3 series rear wheel arch are caused by THE WHEEL touching the outside of the gaurd !!! Thats what happens when you fit 7 series wheels .

Scrapes 3 series


All in all a sweet day out with a good bunch of dudes, I was rather jaded so didnt have much to say but was good to meet those I did....your all a little bit too far into your beemers (in an eccentric mad scientist kinda way !! ) but a bunch of GC's that love there cars so it's all love from me.

For info on your beemer or to talk beemer smack...


- Greg Smith


  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome! I love the style of all the cars above. Simple, clean, yet a refreshing change from the norm. I have to agree with the fav cars too. E30s are so much win (damn being too tall) and estates (yes, not "wagons") are so much cooler! Great write up and its pleasent to know there are other groups out there who dont fall into the "flavor of the month" trends (Y)

    1. Cheers for the feedback Charlie. It's also good to see whats happening in the Auckland scene other than hardparks and limbos. Big up to Auckland boy Greg for the pics and words, once again!