Monday, July 30, 2012

BWARPmania 1st September 2012 / Bwarp SSS presents...... BWARPmania !!!!!

Saturday 1st September

You've seen the photos from the previous events, and here's another chance to get involved. 

This Slide Session will be run much the same as last time. A basic cone course is laid out for you to practice your drift style.

We will have control of the water on the pad which is an option throughout the afternoon.

$40 per driver.

ALL PARTY'S entering the skid pan area MUST have filled in the relevant forms prior.


The normal rules apply as to any meet or event you go to:
No drugs, no Alcohol and no douche attitudes

You will need: A car and a helmet...

Car should be up to warrant of fitness standard. The main things that will be checked is secure battery, seat and no loose shit in cabin.

Spectators are free and the more the merrier, come hardpark and talk some smack.

Any questions ask here or register @

facebook event :  CLICK HERE

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Event Report: Bwarp SSS 21 July 2012

We didn't think it could be done. But BWARP SSS on 21/07/2012 was BIGGER and it was BETTER than the first one.

The rain stayed away and other than a bit of water we put on the pad (and myself) to assist the guys that had too much traction (read: MX5's and a certain yellow corona)




We were also graced with a congregation of grey hairs that had converged on Hampton Downs motorsport park in their campervans.... They were having a blast watching the open wheelers track testing early in the morning and then checking us out tearing it up !!!









More can be found here:

And TONNES more + videos are popping up on The Bwarp SSS facebook page!/groups/328067063930987/

I can only extend my thanks once again to EVERYONE that attended in particular all those that helped out and saved me running all over the place picking up cones (with my broken body) The best skid day yet and we can't wait to bring you the September Slide Session YFYLJ !!!!

Greg Smith


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jaymee's DB8R

Jaymee showed up a bit late to the meet last night in his DB8R Integra. Recently laid out on D2 suspension, and some 15x8 +0 wheels, it looked fair tough as it rolled in.

Here's another late post with a few pics.

Jaymee's tough DB8R

Jaymee's tough DB8R

Churs for coming out brother, car look saaaweeeeet.


Dessert At Dennys 20/07/2012

Another Casual catch up meet for some dessert and coffee at Dennys in Porirua.

As usual, yarns were had.

Here's some pics yo.

Here's Gemmas JDMYOLO IST. Standard height, standard wheels, standard sweet glowy box in the interior (changes colours even) it makes an ideal daily for a teacher.


This Accord owned and driven (hard) by Naomi has STILL not been cleaned. Clearly a regular target for birdshit


Steely Dan came out. Steelies on the front, BR wheels on the back.


Nathan and Joff arrived after going for a quick paddock bash in the new daily BMW.


Bwarp old-timer Harley, came along, in his immaculate Cressida of course. This car still excites me everytime i see it.


Then a bunch of ruffian minitruckers of the WTF variety turned up.




Nick working it for the camera. hot damn





And now - my favourite car of the whole meet - Blake's Suzuki Alto. In immactulate condition, he keeps it in tip top shape, and has recently touched up a few panels himself with a spray gun. All for getting in there with a bit of DIY. Small gutless cars are my shit so this thing ticked all boxes for me.



R's Garage have vandalised his car also.


The girls then got a bit frisky, so we decided to pack up our shit, and drive into the evening.


Cheers for the yarns, boys n girls. Good times.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bimmersport Auckland Meet

Friday night I was out until 2.30am having a drink or two with a workmate so when 6.30am rolled around and a team of asian builders decided to start work on the section beside my place....many swear words were sworn !!!

I was then resigned to the fact that 4 hours sleep was all I was getting that night.

Check my phone and there is a txt from my good friend Christian who recently purchased an e46 m3 BMW.

"still keen to do lunch today? either that or theres a bimmersport meet on at Cornwall park we could go to"

I had clean forgotten about lunch with him but either option sounded better than going ice skating with a girlfriend.....So Bimmersport meet it is !!

Now I'll be blunt, I'm a hater of all cars european....I respect them for various aspects but who would ever want to work on one ?? yuk.... But any exuse for a bit of sausage we made our way to Cornwell park.

Was a bit quiet to begin with but more cars turned up and everyone was friendly and happy so was a sweet vibe.





a camry?


3 Series estate - nom!

(this e30 estate is my favourite nom nom nom, choice doggie too - Luke)

Sausages and banter were had and there was some bloody clean cars there, my particular favourite being the e30 coupe pictured below..... very clean, sweet fitment and ride height.

3 Series Coupe

The scrape marks on this 3 series rear wheel arch are caused by THE WHEEL touching the outside of the gaurd !!! Thats what happens when you fit 7 series wheels .

Scrapes 3 series


All in all a sweet day out with a good bunch of dudes, I was rather jaded so didnt have much to say but was good to meet those I did....your all a little bit too far into your beemers (in an eccentric mad scientist kinda way !! ) but a bunch of GC's that love there cars so it's all love from me.

For info on your beemer or to talk beemer smack...


- Greg Smith

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Secret Meet # 3 - Dessert at Dennys

I sent the text out to a few of the bro's mid-week for a meet up on a Friday night for dessert. Nothing serious just casual stz.

Turns out it was the same night all the crap was flying around the internet about crushed POS Laurels and such (see this link HERE). The local derp mob also decided it might be a real good idea to get a gang together to 'protest' some legislation that'd been through Parliament 3-4 years ago.... good one guys.... *facepalm* - More info on that HERE.

Anyway - turns out we were going to be in the same place at the same time as a bunch of munters, so it seemed like a good time to sit back and watch the drama unfold.

Meanwhile - we all arrived at Dennys, some of the ranks hadn't eaten dinner, such as young James here. Took him approx 20 mins to be given a knife and fork to eat his steak with.... excellent customer service for sure.

Dessert at Dennys

So anyway - we all pounded through burgers, chips, steaks, curly fries, deep fried ice cream (so that's what a snow ball is....), mud cakes and oreo milkshakes....

Dessert at Dennys

We took up a couple of tables in Dennys, lucky it was fairly quiet.

Dessert at Dennys

After our feed we wandered out into the carpark, and who pulls straight into the carpark after seeing a few young louts standing round cars? TV3 news.... Turns out he's been sifting car parks in Porirua all night looking for a scoop.... We advise him "We are not the protestors you are looking for" and he continues into the nice calm night.

Next to roll in, 5 minutes later, were our friends, the Police. We also advised them we weren't protesting, and they explained their frustration with not getting any action tonight... They were just looking for more dropkicks in Laurels to crush... Porirua cops are top blokes. A+ traders even.

Anyway, took a few snaps of friends cars that were out to hang so here goes.

This is Gungs latest addition to his stable... and.... it's a HYBRID. It's quieter than your Mums sewing machine after he turns the key, and its more lush than your grandfathers Jaguar. Honda have really got their shit sussed with these cars (guess they've had a lot of practice with the Civic). He's made a few subtle mods to start with, such as a set of roof racks and the wheels, but he explains its his wifes daily, so it needs to stay comfy... (i wonder how long that'll stay true...!)

Dessert at Dennys

This is JD's Corolla that has already been on this blog 395769608 times.
He's recently removed the rear bumper, because he loves the bogan look it gives the car.... not really though... he's just been too lazy to put the new good condition bumper back on...!

Dessert at Dennys

Dessert at Dennys

The box was out, parked next to Dans Honda box, that is significantly lower...

Dessert at Dennys

After ditching the infamous CRX, Dan switched all the running gear into his latest Shuttle project. Max family hauling stz. And it's fair farken low too.

Dessert at Dennys

Usual suspect Steve showed up in his EG Civic sedan. Good to see you Steve!

Dessert at Dennys

Local hooligan Yemo rolled up in the GSS-mobile. No green stickers or max dirfs tonight though.

Dessert at Dennys

And that was our quiet Friday night in Porirua. No boy racer protests to be seen.... Organisation obviously isn't their strong point. Hurrdurr.

Till next time!


Dessert at Dennys