Thursday, May 31, 2012

Welly scene

Me and the boys recently showed up to a local car meet. Fair bit of yarning went down, as well as some complete bullshit stories. I took a few snaps of the couple of vehicles that caught my eye.

This FD2R has recently been out and about in the Wellington region. Was good to get up close and check it out, since I'd seen it sifting the streets. That's the second elusive FD2R Civic in Wellington. 

Something for my biker friends - I have no idea what it is but it looks like it could be a Transformer. Very cool! 

 Gung rolled out in his Civic on Equips. Always good to see a familiar face.

Speaking of familiar faces, Jono was also out in his EG. Looks like it's rolling on a new set of wheels too - very nice! 

I'm not sure who owns this car, but damn it's LOW and had quite a presence as it rolled into the carpark. Static too. No bags in sight. A+ 

Apologies for the weird effects on the photos if you arent a fan... just got a new camera so i'm playing with all the cool effects it can provide. Until next time. PEACE.

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