Thursday, May 31, 2012

Welly scene

Me and the boys recently showed up to a local car meet. Fair bit of yarning went down, as well as some complete bullshit stories. I took a few snaps of the couple of vehicles that caught my eye.

This FD2R has recently been out and about in the Wellington region. Was good to get up close and check it out, since I'd seen it sifting the streets. That's the second elusive FD2R Civic in Wellington. 

Something for my biker friends - I have no idea what it is but it looks like it could be a Transformer. Very cool! 

 Gung rolled out in his Civic on Equips. Always good to see a familiar face.

Speaking of familiar faces, Jono was also out in his EG. Looks like it's rolling on a new set of wheels too - very nice! 

I'm not sure who owns this car, but damn it's LOW and had quite a presence as it rolled into the carpark. Static too. No bags in sight. A+ 

Apologies for the weird effects on the photos if you arent a fan... just got a new camera so i'm playing with all the cool effects it can provide. Until next time. PEACE.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

BwarpKhana - Saturday 21st July 2012 - Hampton Downs

After the success of our first Sunday Slide Session we decided to do it again but bigger and better !!

SATURDAY 21st July

The day will be broken up into two sessions.

The morning will be a test of grip skill with the first Bwarp motorkhana.

The afternoon will be a slide/skid session.

The motorkhana will consist of timed runs, with winners for the fastest overall for each class.

The Slide Session will be run much the same as last time. A basic cone course is laid out for you to practise your drift style.

We will have control of the water on the pad which is an option throughout the afternoon.

$40 For the session of your choice , or $70 for both.

ALL PARTYS entering the skid pan area MUST have filled in the relevant forms prior.


The normal rules apply as to any meet or event you go to:
No drugs, no Alcohol and no douche attitudes

You will need: A car and a helmet...

Car should be up to warrant of fitness standard. The main things that will be checked is secure battery, seat and no loose shit in cabin.

Spectators are free and the more the merrier, come hardpark and talk some smack.

Any questions/ Ts & Cs etc ,  please  check out  our  Facebook Page
  or  Register @


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bwarp Sunday Slide Session 13/05/2012 - Hampton Downs

Chyeah. The first Bwarp Sunday Slide Session at Hampton Downs skid pan was off the hook.

Was pissing down with rain all morning on the pad, so was reallllll slippery, people taking it a bit easy, apart from Craig, making full use of a wet skid pan to heli up in his GT-Four [GTF0]. The pan gets super slick when it's wet.

Towards the afternoon the weather decided to clear up and we got a bit of sunshine and the rain buggered off for good, so the drift kids go to have a play on a dry pad and use up a few sets of tyres and deplete some more of the o-zone layer - fuck yeah!

I was properly hungover from a night OTP in Hamilton, and I just wasn't on game with the camera, so my photos are really blurry and shit.... and without a decent zoom lens, i've had to crop into these pics a fair bit to get them framed better.

Check it out. hi-res on flickr is here: CLICK ME

greg umbrella powerbuilt tools Toyota Celica GT four Red Roadster Toyota Celica GT Four Nissan Silvia S13 Red Roadster Green Roadster Green Roadster V6 Mazda RX7 R33 Skyline Sedan Nissan Laurel R33 Nissan Skyline R33 Nissan Skyline RX3 R33 Nissan Skyline Red Nissan Silvia S15 Red Nissan Silvia S15 Nick Kyne Green Mazda Roadster Nissan Silvia S13 Ford Fairmont Mazda RX3 Nissan Laurel 

Big ups to home boys Matt and Greg for putting this awesome day on, and flying the Bwarp banner with pride. Long live sunday slide sessions! Watch this space for dates of the next one - you've gotta be there!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Secret Meet #1

Bwarp Meets have made a slight resurgence. For good pricks only. No randoms and whatever. All spear of the moment, random occasions.

No bullshit. Straight up.

Here's a bunch of shitty photos that I just took while bantering.




EK Civ on Riversides or something (I think...?)


Laurel with a well fitted wheel set


Usual suspect

Corolla AE70

JD's new/old C'rolla. Note: wheels are a temporary solution, while the others are in the works


Infamous 180 of GreenStickerSociety


Secret squirrels



a wild Reuben appeared


The End.