Friday, March 9, 2012

Spotted: Kristy and her White WRX

Holla sup.

Went out for a wee drive with a few friends (and some speedracer in a DA Integra who sped past us, as we were leading the convoy, and nearly missed the turn off LOLLOLOL) on Tuesday night.

I snapped these pics of Kristy's WRX as we were on the motorway. I love hanging out the window of a moving car to shoot another car. Good times ;)

White WRX

White WRX

Sure it's got a few shopping trolley dents here and there and it's certainly not as clean as Charlies CL1, but  
I lurve cars with battle scars.


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  1. So stoked about this :) Was wondering what you were going to do (if anything) with those photos, Luke. I gotta admit though. Bit jelly its not my car up there :p There's still time. Got some tricks up my sleeve :)