Saturday, March 17, 2012

NZPC Hardpark Wellington 2012 Coverage

Hardpark time again. wooo.

Huuuuge turnout this year. Big up to Pedey and Co at NZPC for setting this up. Also big up to them for mucking in after everyone starting leaving and picking up all the rubbish that munters left behind.

Event sorta ended on a sad note with a bunch of tards skidding up and speeding round the carpark while kids and drunk hutt sluts stumbled all over the show...

A couple of standout 'winners' were:
- the munter who tried to do a skid in his RS Legacy wagon with his very young kid in the back.
- the munter in the black V8 Commodore doing laps and acting like a complete tosser
- Guy in black forester getting side ways and nearly taking out a car we were beside.
- Black skyline guy (same one that came and showed off at a burgerfuel meet) for doing a weak peeler inside the car park. None of the organisers of the event that i spoke to were impressed with your shit at all.
- anyone who popped a skid on the way out gets a dickhead runner up award

Really really really embarrassing for the Wellington car community. What starts out as an awesome event finished in what seems to be, usual Wellington fuckwit styz.

Cheers to all the dickheads for putting on such a show that an event like this, on that sorta scale, will never happen again locally. Auckland could do it just fine. Why couldn't we?

Anyway, aside from the last 45 minutes of bullshit, there were some good times had during the arvo. Here's a few pics of standout cars. The rest are all viewable on the Flickr page (no point adding 60 photos to this blog post.)


Rupert's R32 4 door. Well set up car that actually gets used properly. Anything on semi slicks gives me a semi.


Possibly one of the nicest S-chassis there.


this RX7 wore a few delicious RE Amemiya items. nomnom


This RX3 was next level. Supercharged and shit. WTF?!


2JZ no shit


lurve lurve lurve this Suzuki.


dirf trikes were very popular


I'n not a huge fan of white interiors, but the rest of this car was built to perfection!


couple of original old school gems.


Chur. That's all for now.

Check out the rest of the photo set on flickr: HERE

Once again, shouts to the organisers. Sorry about the Wellington fucks that let the community down once again. That sorta shit needs to be removed from the gene pool.



  1. cheers for the photos luke... those sluts were atrocious... and on my way out i had some drunk halfwit stick his head in my window telling me to one up the guy in the commy in front of me who did a skid with 2 young kids in the car... wtf?
    needless to say i disapointed all the local lower hutt sluzza's with my very cruzy exit.
    hopefully we MIGHT still be allowed to do this again next year...

  2. bro... I left so early because I knew shit was gonna go down.

  3. Yeah I took off to the same reason, plus had a rally car to drop off in Island Bay after my mates one blew up on the dyno the day before racing lol

  4. Cheers for the pic bud

  5. Looked like a good turnout. Shame about the few people who ruined it. See the BWARP t-shirts floating around in a couple of the photos too

  6. I got told to do a skid in my forward drive Focus that had to made me laugh! but sad they the retards had to ruin it!

  7. LOL. yeah my Mate, Dan, got asked to do a skid in his FWD slammed Honda Shuttle.... wtf eh? Munters.