Monday, March 26, 2012

Bwarp Sunday Slide Sessions - AUCKLAND 13th May 2012


Thats right friends, Bwarp is proud to bring you the Sunday Slide Session.
It's pretty simple, any make of car is welcome and its a half day on the skid pad at Hampton Downs.

It's big so it will be split up the centre so two cars can be on at once, this ensures everyone gets a good amount of time out there. A basic cone course is laid out for you to either practise your grip skills or practise your drift style.

We will have control of the water on the pad which is an option throughout the afternoon.

$40 per vehicle, if you wish to have an alternate driver or (1 only) passenger you can but ALL PARTYS entering the skid pan area MUST have filled in the relevant forms prior.
Just because you have another driver does not mean you get twice as much time, it means you have to share the time for that vehicle UNLESS you pay for the extra person.

But there are ONLY 20 spots available

The normal rules apply as to any meet or event you go to:
No drugs, no Alcohol and no douche attitudes

Spectators are free and the more the merrier, come hardpark and talk some smack.

Any questions please either post here or email

To register email



  1. This is going to be sick. See you there!

  2. Hi there how do i go about entering? thanks Calvin