Monday, March 26, 2012

4nRotary Jamboree 2012

4nRotary Jamboree weekend has come and gone for another year. Plenty of sweet cars, free V, and questionably dressed young women filled the glorious place that is - Manfeild. (yes this is the correct way to spell it, despite many media folk failing to recognise that).

Enough sharning. Here are some photos from inside the hall the rest are viewable on flickr or facebook:

First up is this 180sx - built purely to be a drift weapon. The front cut unclips in one will piece. Front bumper, guards, and bonnet all fold forward on a part tube frame front end. The little flicked out steel flares on the guards. The raw roof spoiler. Zebra painted side skirts. It's so differently dirty and sexy.


Next up - this early RX7. Anything with OG fender mirrors gives me wood, however, I will admit I was slightly upset it was rocking modgies.


I get so excited when i see this Citroen around town. It's so delicious.


The guys and girls at came and rep'd hard.


This notchback Trueno was enough to give most JDM fanboys serious wood.


This late model Nissan Navara was pretty different to the sort of minitrucks we usually see. Never seen one this low!


I'm pretty sure this Soarer had been painted the night before the show - I was sure I could smell the fresh paint on it...


The FD2R Civic below is probably the only one I'll ever see in real life.... and it was immaculately presented


Pretty special interior in it too


Woot - it's Kerri and PERFK the Pink FC on the Dyno - CHUR!


Most Wellington folk will probably recognise Nimesh's superb S13 Silvia and with his wheels being freshly repainted it certainly looked baoss.


I've also got mad love for this car. It's nice seeing an early model Evo that isn't de-sprung on a set of hideous Titans or Vaults - with or without centres G.


Now for this car you will have to excuse the bad photos. the rope barrier thing was in the way and I had nobody around to hold it out of the way for me!!
This is an S15 Silvia, with an R34 Skyline front end, an RB under the hood, with a set of Shelby wheels on it. (atleast I think they were Shelby wheels - they had a wee snake on them...)


This is most likely my favourite car of the whole day, particularly just due to wheel choice. Why run a set of Works, or Volks, or BBS when every man and his dog also has a set or a set of look-a-likes... I truely think wheel choice alone set this car apart from the rest. Also the fact that it was a Skyline front end on a Silvia, rather than 180SX front on one. A nice touch, I thought.


A suspicious looking member of the terrorist organisation - R's Garage was spotted on the prowl. He was stopped for questioning, but little that came out of his mouth was understood. Hungover perhaps?

Here's a bunch of other photos:

That's all for now!


  1. Cool little FlickR photo thingy you added there, Luke. Entering the Cube next year (Y)