Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bwarp x R's Garage Photoshoot

On Saturday I had a few of my boys all in Wellydeep at once (this happens fairly regularly) so I made plans for us to head out to a local industrial area with my car and take some fun photos! I had this vision of piling the MX5 with blokes and getting shots of us driving around a truck depot - but I knew that it was going to be quite difficult to bring it to life. There were very few obstacles in our way (considering my car is 4x4 height). It was a given that it was going to work...









The lushious man in the photo above is Reuben... isn't he gorgeous? In case you didn't know - this guy is top dog at R's Garage and has a knack for getting first year uni students naked.


If you couldn't tell - this is a bit of a tribute post to Taryn Crouchers iheartstance x hellaflush photo shoot.

All photos are credited to J.Drizzel

Mint day out watching cars on the dyno and driving with the top down in the roadster. Winning!

Monday, March 26, 2012

4nRotary Jamboree 2012

4nRotary Jamboree weekend has come and gone for another year. Plenty of sweet cars, free V, and questionably dressed young women filled the glorious place that is - Manfeild. (yes this is the correct way to spell it, despite many media folk failing to recognise that).

Enough sharning. Here are some photos from inside the hall the rest are viewable on flickr or facebook:

First up is this 180sx - built purely to be a drift weapon. The front cut unclips in one will piece. Front bumper, guards, and bonnet all fold forward on a part tube frame front end. The little flicked out steel flares on the guards. The raw roof spoiler. Zebra painted side skirts. It's so differently dirty and sexy.


Next up - this early RX7. Anything with OG fender mirrors gives me wood, however, I will admit I was slightly upset it was rocking modgies.


I get so excited when i see this Citroen around town. It's so delicious.


The guys and girls at came and rep'd hard.


This notchback Trueno was enough to give most JDM fanboys serious wood.


Bwarp Sunday Slide Sessions - AUCKLAND 13th May 2012


Thats right friends, Bwarp is proud to bring you the Sunday Slide Session.
It's pretty simple, any make of car is welcome and its a half day on the skid pad at Hampton Downs.

It's big so it will be split up the centre so two cars can be on at once, this ensures everyone gets a good amount of time out there. A basic cone course is laid out for you to either practise your grip skills or practise your drift style.

We will have control of the water on the pad which is an option throughout the afternoon.

$40 per vehicle, if you wish to have an alternate driver or (1 only) passenger you can but ALL PARTYS entering the skid pan area MUST have filled in the relevant forms prior.
Just because you have another driver does not mean you get twice as much time, it means you have to share the time for that vehicle UNLESS you pay for the extra person.

But there are ONLY 20 spots available

The normal rules apply as to any meet or event you go to:
No drugs, no Alcohol and no douche attitudes

Spectators are free and the more the merrier, come hardpark and talk some smack.

Any questions please either post here or email

To register email


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Uncles Club Track Day


Uncles Club, almost sounds like a poorly thought out name for a pedophile ring but in fact it 's a fast growing entry level motorsport event worth a look at for those in the Auckland region.

Put on by the good folk at GVI ( ) It kind of started out from what I can make of it an "old boys club" if you like....Hence the uncles ref.

A bunch of middle aged (or older) guys that wanted to have a thrash round a track in their vehicles without having to commit too much time or expense...Oh and of course the fact that GVI's Peter Johnston is a motorsport nut !!

I have been to a couple of these now and the great thing is the variance in cars, from classic to modern....mild to wild, and now it seems the following is starting to grow from normally running two groups of cars per evening to now running three groups.

Of course it is growing, $65 from 4.30pm until 7pm at New Zealand's most modern motorsport track, its a no brainer and a great way to test your car or even just your interest in the circuit racing scene.

The rest of the pics are on the flicker (link at bottom of page)
but here is a taste of what you may encounter if you can make it along to an Uncles club track session.


Writer: Greg Smith
Photographers: Greg Smith, Matt Carter.

















The full photo set is available HERE.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

NZPC Hardpark Wellington 2012 Coverage

Hardpark time again. wooo.

Huuuuge turnout this year. Big up to Pedey and Co at NZPC for setting this up. Also big up to them for mucking in after everyone starting leaving and picking up all the rubbish that munters left behind.

Event sorta ended on a sad note with a bunch of tards skidding up and speeding round the carpark while kids and drunk hutt sluts stumbled all over the show...

A couple of standout 'winners' were:
- the munter who tried to do a skid in his RS Legacy wagon with his very young kid in the back.
- the munter in the black V8 Commodore doing laps and acting like a complete tosser
- Guy in black forester getting side ways and nearly taking out a car we were beside.
- Black skyline guy (same one that came and showed off at a burgerfuel meet) for doing a weak peeler inside the car park. None of the organisers of the event that i spoke to were impressed with your shit at all.
- anyone who popped a skid on the way out gets a dickhead runner up award

Really really really embarrassing for the Wellington car community. What starts out as an awesome event finished in what seems to be, usual Wellington fuckwit styz.

Cheers to all the dickheads for putting on such a show that an event like this, on that sorta scale, will never happen again locally. Auckland could do it just fine. Why couldn't we?

Anyway, aside from the last 45 minutes of bullshit, there were some good times had during the arvo. Here's a few pics of standout cars. The rest are all viewable on the Flickr page (no point adding 60 photos to this blog post.)


Rupert's R32 4 door. Well set up car that actually gets used properly. Anything on semi slicks gives me a semi.


Possibly one of the nicest S-chassis there.


this RX7 wore a few delicious RE Amemiya items. nomnom


This RX3 was next level. Supercharged and shit. WTF?!


2JZ no shit


lurve lurve lurve this Suzuki.


dirf trikes were very popular


I'n not a huge fan of white interiors, but the rest of this car was built to perfection!


couple of original old school gems.


Chur. That's all for now.

Check out the rest of the photo set on flickr: HERE

Once again, shouts to the organisers. Sorry about the Wellington fucks that let the community down once again. That sorta shit needs to be removed from the gene pool.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Spotted: Kristy and her White WRX

Holla sup.

Went out for a wee drive with a few friends (and some speedracer in a DA Integra who sped past us, as we were leading the convoy, and nearly missed the turn off LOLLOLOL) on Tuesday night.

I snapped these pics of Kristy's WRX as we were on the motorway. I love hanging out the window of a moving car to shoot another car. Good times ;)

White WRX

White WRX

Sure it's got a few shopping trolley dents here and there and it's certainly not as clean as Charlies CL1, but  
I lurve cars with battle scars.