Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Green Sticker Society Low Key Meet 09/01/2012

First day back in the office, and it's the best weather we have had in weeks.... just my luck eh!

Lucky Yemo cheered me up by sending me a text telling me a few of the guys were meeting up later in the arvo. Choice!

Looks like Yemo might need to change his blog name to Glorious Subaru Society or something, judging by the amount of boxers that rolled up.

Here be some pics yo - I'm sure the GSS has a shite load more hiding away somewhere unposted!

Subaru Line


the people


Got mad love for this Accord. Sits so nice!

staunch Hiace on Advan SA3R's

fuck yeah - possibly the choicest ride there. Hiace van on Advan SA3R's. Fuck yeah Van's! Fuck yeah Tri-Spokes! They're def making a comeback.

Dom's Ess Fifteen

slammed bimmer

This bagged BMW is for sale - as seen HERE - CLICK THIS TEXT.


Good start to the working week.


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