Monday, January 23, 2012

Bwarp BBQ and GrassPark 2012 - Sunday 5th Feb

Come one come all.



  1. There is also Wallaceville hillclimbe happening at the same time which u will easily hear from the park. Should pop on over and have a look. Bring a helment and some 100% cotton overalls and prolly sort out some passanger seat madness. Ill Try and pop over inbetween runs. There is also like a grass park next to the Hutt pup OPP the uhcc on saturday till (or from) somewhere around 1 or 2pm or those interested in seeing some rally cars. Bare in mind that a cage is not required for this event so there will be some daily drivers racing as well.

  2. Looks as if its shaping up to be a good weekend for all :) Cant wait, Luke