Thursday, December 1, 2011

National Crate day

Geoff here, wholey crap, 2 posts in 2 days, shits goin' down in Bwarp.

Within the car culture we see a lot of drinking. There are a lot of bad drinking where fools drink too many then decide to drive home (Queue ghost chips ad), but once in a while there are occasions when you need to do something manly on your car with mates and usually beers or bourbans are involved along with black singlets and open faced work boots/jandals.

So here brings another National Crate day this Saturday brought to you by The Rock and yet another suitable occasion for you to all work on your cars while drinking that cool refreshing taste of cheap piss. The weather is looking quite good and is forecasted to be sunny here in Wellignton at 15 degrees.

Be a good day to wash your car, polish your warehouse chrome hubcaps, add another layer of matte black to your labour of love or even install some new shocks in my car...*hint hint* So what are you doing? What car might you be working on?

And remember kids, definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY dont drink and drive.*

*Brought to you by internalising a complicated situation inside my head

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