Saturday, November 26, 2011

Last BWARP meet of 2011. Few extra pics.

I have attended almost all of the Bwarp monthly meets and it has been an awesome thing to be apart of this year. I have met some genuine, down to earth people through these events and I hope that they are bigger and better next year, which I am sure they will be.
This was actually the first time I had pulled out my camera at one of these meets, and Luke suggested I throw some pics up.

We rolled out from the J-ville carpark and headed to an underground one in P-town.

I had a go at leaning out of Grimace's window and tried to take some snaps. It was real dark so some of these are a bit shit, but you get the idea.


Hadn't been in a decent convoy in years, was great fun actually.


White whale.


Faggy arty photo of a boss eg, on mad steelies with silver clip in lip things, which seem to be impossible to find.


Craig bought out his new GT4, previously owned by a 60 year old rally co-driver. Had some boss as light up rear speakers which i'm gutted i didn't get a photo of.


These come factory fitted with Recaro's, which are ultra comfy, although my ass needs a bit of slimming it seems.


Grimace himself, with a bit more low after some new springs.


Another regular. Aaron's wrx.


Jizz, David's 2010 675. Mhhhmm. As a bike owner myself I couldn't stop looking at this bike. Owner was a real good sort too. Thanks for bringing it out.




White Toyota cousins.


I think this is the first DC5 we have had turn up.


I particularly like these in black. Not your usual champ white.


Mr Bwarp himself.


Another regular, Charlie, was in attendance, with some particularly sexy new headers.


Normally we have a mass of Cl1's turn up. Weather must have put them off this time.


One more of Josh's caldina.

So that's it for the Burger meet's this year. No doubt they will be back next year, but bigger and better.
Just wanna say a big thanks to Luke for organising these meets.

Until next time,
Sean Clarke.

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