Thursday, October 27, 2011

Burgerfuel Meet 26 October 2011 - PHOTODUMP


The weather was a bit... well.... wet on Wednesday night for the Monthly Burgerfuel Meet....

Aparently that doesn't turn a large group of people off, because the turnout to this meet was still superb. Shout out to the kids from for rolling out for a feed and a yarn too.

As usual we chilled and ate our Wednesday night roast. The weather was shit, so we didn't stand round fapping over Kerri's rotang for long before a smaller group of us convoyed out to an undisclosed location in Pori-vegas. (What a bustling metropolis it is...)

Here's some shots:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

4 & Rotary Super Show - Auckland 22nd October 2011


Me and the Mrs planned ourselves a trip up north over labour weekend. When we booked this trip, I was not aware that it would also be finals weekend for Rugby World Cup in Auckland.... I was mad. Then a ray of light. The 4 & Rotary Supershow was on, the same weekend. WOOO.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oldschool Meet 06/10/2011 VIDEO

Holla, here's an average video of the Oldschool meet. Pizza Meet 06/10/11 from Bwarp Blog on Vimeo.

A quick crap edit of the Pizza Meet on Thursday 06/10/11.

Always good times.

Excuse low frame rate.... argh

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Random Snap - Blue EG on Hutt Motorway


Kane and I went to visit Craig so he could spend his time cleaning Kanes ute (shot bro!). By 3.30pm the sun was beating down hard, and looked amazing on the refreshed paintwork of the Ute. We hopped back in the truck to head back to town, and the Civic below followed us along the Motorway. I signalled at him with the camera and directed a mini photoshoot using only hand gestures. We bloody fun hanging out the window of the ute snapping shots off as the Civic darted around us.

Here's a couple of shots.



If anyone knows the owner of the car/if the owner is reading this - hit me up for a hi-res copy if you want it. Cheers for the photo-op, GC!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Get Obsessive about Vehicle Security

So with all the car thefts and break ins that have happened recently. I thought it was about time to get an alarm installed in the Bwarp Appliance.

But who do you talk to in Wellington when you want an alarm? Julian at Obsessive Vehicle Security, that's who.

Julian had recently got in touch to tell me about a new alarm that Cobra are releasing that works with the normal Nissan door remotes that came with the Cube3 (and any other car that came with factory central locking remotes). The Cube also has a proximity key which means you can have the keys in your pocket to open the doors. By just pressing the button located on the door handle with the proximity card in your pocket, the car unlocks. When you get into the car, you can start the car, also with your keys remaining in your pocket. Julian advised he could get all this to continue working with the standard remote, but he was now able to include a really loud alarm to tell intruders to GTFO - it also reduces the sting from my insurance company each fortnight.

Julian has an excellent reputation for car security. He's done alarms for me previously and also for other mates around town and I was sold on this Cobra alarm as it's what I'd be looking for all along!

I handed the keys over to him Wednesday night and the alarm was installed and finished early Thursday arvo. Julian even made the effort of coming to pick me up from work in Town in his Honda Beat. Choice wee car, amazing engine noise, I'm just a wee bit tall for it!


Upon getting the car back, Julian explained how the alarm works. how to arm disarm, and what features he'd enabled. The alarm is the Cobra 4600. It hasn't been released yet as it still being tested by installers (hence Julian wanting to test its features in the Cube). It's got a wireless siren - so no need to run a hole through the firewall. It has Ultrasonics (air pressure sensors). It's also fully programmable by plugging it into a computer via USB to turn on and turn off various features, change beep noise etc.

As usual Julian did a superb job. The siren and alarm module are well hidden. The LED's in the dash board are seamlessly integrated. The ultrasonics (air pressure sensors) are fitted like they would have been from factory, and the colour even matches the rest of interior (WIN!)

 Tidy install of LED's into factory switch blanks.

 As usual, was a superb job by Julian. A shoutout must also go to Cobra for letting the Cube be the test pilot for their new fangled alarm.

For all your alarm needs in the Wellington area - Get in touch with Julian at Obsessive Vehicle Security. 0212 4 ALARM