Monday, September 19, 2011

Burger Fuel Meet - Next up: Wednesday 28/09/2011


Next Burgerfuel meet is going down on Wednesday 28/09/2011.

Meet at 7pm at Johnsonville Woolworths car park (At the Burgerfuel end)
Eat at about 7.30pm

Daylight savings will have kicked in by then too, yo - so should be warmer and lighter. WIN!

Usual rules apply. No skids, drunk pricks, or boneheads. And please don't VTEC/hit boost when entering the car park, you look like a nub.

I have also acquired a few JDM goodies to give away on the night. So be there with a clean ride, a good attitude and your game face on.

Pics and yarning afterwards.

See you there.



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