Thursday, September 29, 2011

Burgerfuel Meet 28 Sept 2011 PICTURES!


Photos have been put back up after some light editing

The feedback I've been getting about the meets themselves is superb. Everyone coming is stoked, and Baz and the Team at Burgerfuel are also stoked. It's just stokedness* all round.
*not a word right?

So anyway - probably had a bit over 30 cars rock out to this meet.

Pics as follows of a select few of them:


Monday, September 19, 2011

Burger Fuel Meet - Next up: Wednesday 28/09/2011


Next Burgerfuel meet is going down on Wednesday 28/09/2011.

Meet at 7pm at Johnsonville Woolworths car park (At the Burgerfuel end)
Eat at about 7.30pm

Daylight savings will have kicked in by then too, yo - so should be warmer and lighter. WIN!

Usual rules apply. No skids, drunk pricks, or boneheads. And please don't VTEC/hit boost when entering the car park, you look like a nub.

I have also acquired a few JDM goodies to give away on the night. So be there with a clean ride, a good attitude and your game face on.

Pics and yarning afterwards.

See you there.



Friday, September 2, 2011 Wellington Pizza Meet 01/09/2011


Pizza...? Check
Old school cars...? Check
Good characters...? Check

This is a recipe for a good evening, and the monthly meets are always sure to please.

Showed my face at Septembers meet, and convinced my lil bro to come out with his old Mitsi Mirage.

Here's some pics I snapped after devouring a shit load of pizza, and a few beers.