Thursday, August 11, 2011

Josh G and his Austin Seven (aka Mini)

There's nothing quite like the exhaust note of a worked 1275cc British engine with a hot cam and a straight through exhaust. This really is a car that goes BWAAARPPP.

Josh - Mini 2

This is Josh's 1962 Austin Seven. This car is before they were even called a Mini. It's very simple. It doesn't have windows that wind up and down, they slide open. The rear seat doesn't have belts. There is not much dashboard to speak of. There's no glove box. There's no cupholders. It's perfectly simple.

Josh - Mini 3

Because of it's pint sized stature we managed to have a bit of a laugh and get it onto the train platform at Redwood station. Kids, don't try this at home.

Josh - Mini 4

and my favourite photo of the evening:

Josh - Mini 1

(good spotting on this one Alex)

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