Tuesday, August 23, 2011

JD's 1998 Toyota Caldina GTT

Boom. This car has changed hands from Bwarp OG Stac, and is now in the hands of another Bwarp OG, Josh D.

Glad to keep it in the family because it is farkin' COOL.

Here's some proper pics while it's still clean. (please note the wind was wreaking havoc on my tripod - ITS NOT HEAVY ENOUGH - so excuse the buzz on the photos :-S )

JD's Caldina 5

JD's Caldina 4

JD's Caldina 3

JD's Caldina 1

JD's Caldina 2


  1. lol. its non turbo with the turbo bonnet. lololol. Not really. Pretty standard issue under the hood. Standy top mount intercooler and some intake bits, HKS BOV and a couple of other goodies.