Thursday, August 25, 2011

Burgerfuel Bwarp Meet 24 August 2011

The 3rd Monthly Bwarp meet, once again, went off without a hitch.

A few new faces. A number of FRESH AS FUCK cars oh and of course the most OG Toyota Cressida I have ever laid eyes on.... *boner alert*

Naenae spek MR2

White pride


Citroen BX
Loki and Milks bought out this filthy Citroen BX. I've got mad love for these BX's and this is no exception. SO ORIGINAL, SO DOPE.



Usual suspect, Aaron, cleaned his WRX before coming out. Looks NAICE when it's clean!


Wee line up of cars including an Altezza with a wee secret under the hood :o

Cube <3

The 4WD spek Cube.


EG Civic

Iain's slut :D

Slammed accord



Joule's Anus

Josh's filthy anus.

Charlie lookin' FRESH

Charlie's CL1 looking SO DAMN FRESH on it's new shoes. Probably the reddest car I've ever seen.

Pedo ute






Altezza - with added goodies

Now I've left what I thought were some pretty special cars to the end.

First up is Baz (the owner of Burgerfuel Jville) and his Ford Falcon drag car. Don't ask me what year it is, or what it's running. The engine is too big for me to comprehend. My knowledge stops at pretty much anything over 3000cc...
He bought it out especially for us to have a look at. GC!


He explained to me that if he drove it nicely, it would use about 8 - 10 litres of fuel to drive from Johnsonville, out to the Hutt where he lives.... That's quite a lot.....


and to make it even more impressive, he tells me that he was giving it a bit of a caning and practising some drag starts, managed to use 10 litres... in 8 kilometres.....

Burgerfuel Falcon Drag car

He is potentially the sole reason for global warming - but who cares! it sounds and looks awesome.

Now for my favourite car of the whole evening.

An 80's Toyota Cressida, in mint original condition. Right down to the stereo.

Pimpin Cressida

In absolutely immaculate condition.


When I saw the condition of the paint on this car, my jaw hit the floor. The owner also tells me it's the same paint it left the factory with, and the whole car has just clicked over 70,000kms. Yes SEVENTY THOUSAND. That's sweet fuck all in Toyota time.


I was so impressed, not only with the car, but with the owner himself. Harley (the owner) is a very young lad (my guess is about 18??), and has chosen to steer away from the usual trend of removing the springs, putting a monster tacho in it, chucking a dumpy or rice cannon on it, and fitting it up with some sweet chromes boe, and he has gone the right way and left it original - just the way it should be. For his efforts he won a free dinner from Burgerfuel. There's no way I could let his efforts go even slightly unrewarded. Churs for bringing it out, Harley!

and to the rest of you. Thanks for coming out. Once again it was good to catch up with all of you, meet a few new people, shoot the shit, and have a good feed.