Saturday, July 2, 2011

Burger Fuel Meet 27/07/2011

Here's the pics from the last meet: CLICK DIS

The last meet was awesome - let's make this one bigger and better!

Burger Fuel Johnsonville. Park at the back of Woolworths carpark as usual. Look for the Nissan Cube. Will park under the lights this time ;)

Meet from 7:00 - dinner around 7:30pm or just when people get hungry. Burger Fuel is right next to Dominoes and NoodleCanteen, so if Burgers aren't your thing then you have options.

May go for a cruise afterwards if people are keen.

No dick heads please. We know you know how to do phat skids and we don't need you to prove it and we don't need police trouble ruining our night.

But I trust you will all be good boys and girls. ;)

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