Friday, July 29, 2011

More meet pics

Yemo has agreed to let me steal a few of his photos from Flickr that he managed to snap on his boss as Canon 5d. What a piece of kit.

These ones are mainly of a few people and some food. I focused on the cars and he seemed to get some good ones of the people as I was filling my face with meat.

Shot cuzzie!






Launch Control

Far out.

Just found this on youtube from an australian blog THE-LOWDOWN.COM.

GTR, Launch Control, RB28. These are all words that sound good in the same sentence.

The noise in this video sounds even better.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Burger Fuel Bwarp Meet 27/07/2011

After the first Burgerfuel meet, people were keen for more. So who would I be to not organise another?

So the day rolled around, the weather looking a bit sketchy in the afternoon, and a few drops of rain before evening. Then the sun went down, the cloud cleared, the stars were out and it was FROSTY!

My nipples could cut glass, they were that sharp.

I took a few pics of the cars that showed up. It was another outstanding social meet, and as Duncan put it "proving the Wellington scene is alive and kicking!".

Most were well behaved, only let down by some clown in a black (dark purple??) Integra who left really early and assumed we had never heard a VTEC car before, so valve bounced first gear as they ran a red light... *epic facepalm*

anyway, let's not focus on the negative - here's the pictures!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Subaru Fans - This is for you

Now usually I'm not a huge fan of the ole' Subi. Something about most locally modified ones with nothing but rice cannon exhausts, chrome taillights and bucket tacho's with shiftlights is just a huge turn off and puts me off the rest. The few ruin it for the many in my eyes. (Apart from your Subi, Jono - that wagon is BOSS)

However - I have found a video on youtube that is what a Subaru SHOULD SOUND LIKE. None of this Chrome 5" Supercheapauto spek big bore tip through to standard 2" exhaust (ICK).


Bring back Group B


Where did this go?

Bring back Group B. What seemed to be a near limitless class of racing. Mental over-powered cars going full noise down narrow roads and tracks. AWESOME.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Stats

So I was checking the stats for the blog and it turned up some results about what search terms are reaching the blog.

Not exactly what I'd hoped for, but hilarious never the less.

I had a bit of a LOL.

Check the pic:

Friday, July 8, 2011

The French Do It BETTER!

Continuing on from the previous post from the meet, I felt the need to do a seperate post for one car that showed up on the night that really made an impression on me.

Joe's Peugeot 205 Gti - with Mi16 lurve.

These cars usually come with either an 8 valve 1.6 or an 8 valve 1.9 engine. From the factory they put out some bloody good numbers. Joe has gone to the next level with his build, dropping in one rare piece of metal between his strut towers. The infamous Mi16. 16 valves. 1.9 litres of capacity. and one hell of a mental exhaust note.

I won't go into extreme detail with engine specs because I'm not too clever at it.

So I'll let these couple of pictures speak for themselves.

pug Pizza Meet 07/07/2011

Oldschool is a car club that has been around for some time now and has a pretty well established user base.

I'd been a luker for a wee while, but the opportunity presented itself to get amongst and go to a local meet. So in the name of all things Automotive, I packed the Cube, picked up the ever faithful Sundeep and made the epic long journey to Thorndon New World car park for some Old cars, Wholly Pizza and some yarning.

Pics as follows:

Twin Commodores

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Burger Fuel Meet 27/07/2011

Here's the pics from the last meet: CLICK DIS

The last meet was awesome - let's make this one bigger and better!

Burger Fuel Johnsonville. Park at the back of Woolworths carpark as usual. Look for the Nissan Cube. Will park under the lights this time ;)

Meet from 7:00 - dinner around 7:30pm or just when people get hungry. Burger Fuel is right next to Dominoes and NoodleCanteen, so if Burgers aren't your thing then you have options.

May go for a cruise afterwards if people are keen.

No dick heads please. We know you know how to do phat skids and we don't need you to prove it and we don't need police trouble ruining our night.

But I trust you will all be good boys and girls. ;)