Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An Introduction


So I'm sitting ata work not really feeling enthusiastic about doing anything as my boss as I describe her as an angry hen ready to peck you in the eye for no reason, but other than that, IT has progressively blocked all my favourite browsing sites (Facebook and the like) one by one... So I've turned to finally making some additions to your more-than-erotic blog, Bwarp.

As my NZhonda's biography says, I'm just a regular girl doing my hairdressing course hopefully to become a famous hairdresser in Hollywood, or similar, I would double check... but I'm blocked.

So I guess I'm here to post as part of a some-what-easy-to-understand technical articles about things that you might do to your car (Perhaps other things? Willing to take suggestions) or for you interlectual people, some insight into technical things I'm interested in.

"And now for my next number, I'd like to return to the classics" - Quote from a song, but I'd like to touch on this subject on my next installment:

Carby vs. EFI
(Merits and flaws from both sides, and also a little understanding for how they function)

Signing off,

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