Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Saturday 14th of May Meet

Kia Ora

Saturday 14th of May 2011.

Going to Silverstream Driving range to smack some balls round.

Just a casual thang. Meet in Wellington. Thorndon New World Underground car park at like 1.30pm-ish. Will leave shortly after that.

Get a feed on the way to silverstream. Exactly where is to be decided.

Go smash some balls at driving range (probably about 2.30-2.45pm ish) then when we are tired out from playing with balls, will crank to a pub for a beer (or beerS if you aren't driving).

Be there - or don't be there. Might take a few pics, but it ain't about photos really, just about chilling and smashing balls.

Might see you there.

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