Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spamcrew/Shuttle crew rollout.

Small gathering on Friday night. Few pics taken of Geoff and Sundeeps Honda Shuttles and of course a couple of other token Honda that a meet can not be complete without. I tested a few new techniques for getting photos. Mainly hanging out the window of a Civic on the motorway doing 100kph and trying to stay upright while looking through the view finder. Hard, but some of the results turned out quite nice IMO. Feedback welcome.

Here we go:

Gang signs. Oh so fitting considering we are in The Hutt

Decided to park up and get some photos in a (sorta) well lit car park. Was all fun and games until some boongas in a van showed up, complete with 440ml woodstock cans..... There was a lot more of them than there was of us, so needless to say we moved out pretty quick.

Pics below:

Artsy: HOODS UP!!

Favourite photo of the evening.
We then stopped at GMR and took these pics beside their pile of scrap metal. Nice wrecked DC5 Teg sitting right outside.... poor thing.

The only way to measure mean dish on rimz. hahah

A good night out round The Hutt with a good bunch of blokes. Who's up for the next one?

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