Sunday, April 3, 2011

Slipway day 02/04/2011

Slipway days are always good fun whatever you drive. But they are a lot more fun if you roll a RWD. Let's be honest, while thrashing the FWD Suzuki around the pad is great to see the tyres limits, and hear the (often scary) noises it makes, it's a hell of a lot more awesome to skid up a RWD or a Honda Civic if you have a hydraulic trailer brake attached to the rear wheels....

Speaking of which - A Honda Civic with a hydraulic trailer brake attached to the rear wheels showed up!!

Clicked 'Read More' to see the photos!

With a pure JDM paintjob (done with rollers and house paint), it looked like a well used Touge hack.

 It also came with a Honda Dio in the back (whilst it was on a trailer of course... this car is certainly not road legal.) Here's a shot of Dave fanging it up. Do a skid bey.

The usual suspects were there too. 

Jimmy's first skid of the morning. 

Dave caning the RB powered S13 - this thing goes nuts.

Scotts (currently NA) Silvia looking evil as usual.

And another Silvia - very similar to Scotts, but Turbo.

A few carpark shots of the cars that showed up

A few cheeky plugs

and my final shot - A tyre well shredded, courtesy of Scott....

Until next time......

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