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4nR Jamboree 27/03/11

It was Sunday 27th March 2011. The alarm went off, 6am. I turned it off. Intending to get up 15 minutes later... I fell asleep.... I woke up due to the cat, Seb, wriggling around on the bed.... Thank god for Seb. Looked at my phone. 6.40am. Due to leave at 7am. Straight up. Speed shower (no time for a cheeky beat this morning!!). Got my shit together, jumped in the Suzuki, and shot off to pick up Alex. Grabbed Alex, met the rest of the crew at BP Mana. Fuelled up (at $2.33 per litre for 98 octane... ugh) grabbed a V and some food. Drove on to meet Stac and Kane at Waikanae. Made it to Waikanae in record time (45 minutes early)...

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Quick photo shoot of the cars that came with us.

Usual story - the Suzuki was there.

This is Nik's Altezza.

This is JD's Torneo R with make-shift eyelids thanks to Nik's duct tape supply. Surprisingly a good colour match. Who knew Honda painted their cars in 'Duct Tape Silver'

Here is Dan's CRX looking mean as usual.

Stac bought out Courtney the Caldina - freshly cleaned. Bikini waxxxed.

Whooppsssss.... I mean

A few group shots before we head off

Photos over. We jumped back in the cars and made our way to Feilding. My phone starts ringing part way up. Alex answers it, and Kane is on the other line trying to tell us we are going the wrong way.... huh? I begin to wonder whether Alex programmed the correct details into my GPS.... We kept following it, and evenutally make it to Manfeild... wasn't the wrong way after all... Kane just claims it was the 'boring way'. waaaaaaa.

Anyway, we get into the show nice and early. There's not so much of a crowd, so it's a good time to start taking photos. 

It was the usual calibre of cars. Not much different stuff that you haven't seen in a mag. I've just taken photos of the stuff that was a bit different. (my usual steez anyway)

Here we go!
This Mirage look ridonkulous on these wheels.

Now I can't say I like the fitment on this VR4. or the colour. But it sure was a bit....different. Haters gonna hate...
 Casual RB25DET  e30 BMW. A conversion well done.
 The sexiest bodykit you can put on a Silvia.
 Don't know if you can see it in this pic, but this Chaser has the biggest wing on the back of it.
I thought the Chalkboard paint on the bonnet of this Teg was a very cool feature. Few tributes tagged on it for the recently passed Matt Pullman (EVIL DA)
Tidy paint job on an 86, different to the usual Panda's.
 I've got a real soft spot for these Lancia. It's a pity most of the Flatpeakers at the show, probably had no appreciation for this vehicle, let alone any idea of what it was.

My favourite Rotary of the show. So clean.
The only Suzuki in the whole show. and it needed a bloody good clean. Cool sound set up in it though. Would make a fun daily...without the signwriting.
This Supra is an abomination. Foose wheels, Ridiculous bodykit, silly ricer paint job. Waste of a Japanese Super Car.
Sneak preview of the HKS CT230R
 Tidy street WRX wagon.

 Choice HKS promo WRX
 Tidy white on white Sev
 Gorgeous GTR.
Wicked old school Supra. Could do with a proper paint job though....
This was possibly the most tidy S15 in the building. I'm not usually a fan of Purple. But this thing rocked it well.
This S13 is a bit more banged up than when it featured in NZPC. Atleast it's getting used.

 Some old school edition of NZPC. Complete with heinous bodykitted Supras
This S13 hails from Wellington as far as I know. Have seen it on the street on occasions. So sick!
Another tribute to Matt Pullman up against The Joker Ford Courier.
Mint condition old school Cressida. So original.
 The toughest S13 in the building.

 This was the coolest car in the whole entire show. A perfectly restored Mitsi EX Lancer.
Awesome nana blanket on the back seat.
 Still on original black plates.

Here's a few pics of various race cars from the pits. It's all function over form here. No Foose wheels, no doof doof. Just pure BWAAAARRRRPPPP.

This was the coolest R32 i have ever witnessed

 This is a fully built SR20VE Autech Pulsar. If you don't know what NEOVVL is. Google it. Goes hard fo what it is.
 I don't know much about turbo's but, I'm pretty sure this RX7 has a rather large one.
 And this. The most hilarious end to a day. Dumpy on a Ford Festiva. What more do I need to say. HAHAHA

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