Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cruise for Wellington Anniversary Weekend.

DATE: Monday 24/01/2011

Planning a cruise up the line. At this stage will end up at the 66 on 1 Diner in Foxton. It's an americana type diner and is supposedly bloody good and has a good reputation.

If we get enough people - confirmed to come I will be holding a Poker Run. If you aren't familiar with these you make a few stops along the way to your destination and take a card at each stop. Once you reach the destination you work out how your hand looks, put come cards back in and re draw if you want and then the person with the best hand at the end wins a prize - will most likely be a box of beer. Get some peeps together - clean up the car, and let's get out there!

Gotta lay down a few rules however.

If you are going to come, please avoid playing silly buggers.

No racing, no skids, no VTECing (or VVL-ing at the case may be) out of car parks, keep your bad attitudes at home. Have fun, drive your car, respect the road, eat some grub, hang with like minded people.

These are the only rules.

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