Monday, November 22, 2010

Vanuatu Automotive Scene

So on my trip to Vanuatu I scoured the shores to find something worth posting about. To put it plainly there was 1 performance car on the whole island (1996 WRX that was thrashed as hell!) oh.... and the Hummer....

Now really their 'automotive' scene consists of taxi drivers who pimp out their cars. We are talking 5% tints, headlight overlays, window banners, mesh grilles, big fake carbon GT wings. So I found this car:

Yes - it's a Daewoo..... They love these things over there. The tints are so dark you can't see through them. It's a pity I didn't get a picture of this car 'rolling' at night because it was covered in blue neons too.
Another part of the automotive scene consists of these off-road buggies:

250cc Four Stroke engines, one automatic gear. So much fun, would be even more fun with a big bike engine and a real gearbox on it. Was still great for drifts on the beach in its current guise. They are fully road rego'd and there are two businesses on the tiny island that run tours with these things, so you see them fairly often on the road.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fireworks Cruise - Bwarp Style

Cruise went down, minus a few people who bailed. Still had a good turn out for the first Bwarp Cruise event ever.

Started on waterfront - went to Thorndon for fush n chups and photos in the UG carpark. Drove out, rain started... aparently fireworks were cancelled, but we continued the drive. Cruised the bays, got to airport, turned round as fireworks were back on again. Pics as follows!

 This Citroen BX Gti belongs to Alex, and before you ask, no it's not on cutties - they are factory fitted airbags. Switches get the bitches.

Road block.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Stickers are here:

There are 6 Limited Edition stickers that have just been printed with the BWARP logo on them - MY GOD THEY WERE NOT CHEAP.

They measure 25cm x 8cm and seem to be of relatively high quality vinyl. The Fireworks Cruise this Friday will be first selling point. First in first served. Just need a donation of $5 per sticker to cover part of the cost.

Check out this (dodgy quality phone) pic.

See you Friday.

(hopefully the weather forecast is wrong - cos currently it looks like rain...)